Why Save Sea Turtles?

Sea turtles have been living in the world’s oceans for more than 100 million years.!!!

They are one of the oldest groups of animals on earth.  They have thrived relatively unchanged and outlasted dinosaurs.  Sea turtles are now in danger of extinction largely due to changes brought about by humans. Some of the threats to sea turtles include commercial fishing, loss of nesting habitat, pollution and climate change

Sea turtles are vital in maintaining the health of the world’s oceans.

They play important roles in tow vital ecosystems – beaches and marine systems. Without turtles these ecosytems will weaken which will not only impact humans but many other marine speciise  They maintain healthy sea graas beds and coral reefs, control sponge and jellyfish populations, transfer nutrients  and support other marine life.

There are significant benefits from sea turtle ecotourism.

Establishing sea turtle ecostorism can not only help educate people about sea turtles and the ocean but can also bring economic benefit to areas where sea turtles visit and nest.

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